Movie “The Long Walk 70 Years Later” is the film diary of members of “The Long Walk Plus Expedition”, who traveled on the trails of the most famous escape from soviet labour camp, described in the book “The Long Walk” by Slavomir Rawicz.

This movie is the personal picture of the wild world, which escapees must have challenged in 1941, and which is discovered once again 70 later of this incredible events. The heroes of the movie Tomasz Grzywaczewski, Bartosz Malinowski and Filip Drożdż (cameraman) are traveling 8.000 km from northern Siberia to Calcutta in India through Mongolia, Gobi Desert, Tibet and the Himalayas. They are inspired and guided by the facts-based novel “The Long Walk” completed with the accounts of Witold Glinski – the true hero of the flight, who was found by the filmmakers in the small town in Cornwall (Great Britain). For Tomasz, Bartosz and Filip GULAG system is the very remote history, because they have grown up in democratic countries. Although they decided to get through one of the most wild and uninhabited places on the Earth, because world cannot forget about the victims of soviet labour camps and people, for whom freedom was the most important value.  The book “Long Walk” was, also inspiration for director Peter Weir, whose latest movie “The Way Back” is based on this story.  

Marcin Mamoń
Marcin Mamoń
Filip Drożdż, Tomasz Głowacki
Maciej Karczewski
C-Media, Tomasz Grzywaczewski

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Documentary film-maker, director of the movies from most dangerous regions of the Earth. He directed inter alia: “The Smell of Paradise (premiere on MFF Toronto), “Chechnya. The Dirty War” (TV event of the week by “The Sunday Times”), Afghanistan. The Eighth Gate” and “Man in His 40 Chooses to Smuggle” (doc. From Congo). As a reporter he was cooperating with news services: Wiadomosci, Panorama and Teleexpress. He was news’ publisher in daily news service Fakty and in years 2006-2007 the chief of commentary section in Polish public TV TVP 2. The author of documentary series “The Correspondent” (27 episodes made in Congo, Palestine, Somalia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, etc.). “The Dictators” (4 episodes about presidents of former USSR) and “The Jihad”. His movies were nominated and awarded on many festivals including TV Festival in Monte Carlo 2007 and Media Festival “Man in Danger”. Awarded by The Polish Journalists Association for year 2002.