Gottland is a full-length documentary film based on a bestselling collection of reportages, under the same title, by Mariusz Szczygiel (winner of Nike Literary Award and European Book Prize 2009). Young documentary film makers from renowned Prague Film School FAMU, inspired by the book, take a closer look at the history of post-war Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic, in order to discover new heroes and remind us of the ones that were forgotten or erased from the history. By examining events from the First Czechoslovak Republic and World War II, looking at stories from 50s and 60s and from the period of normalisation, they ask about the consequences of those groundbreaking events. Are we always right in distinguishing, which events where the vital ones? In stories that appear familiar, are we always sure to tell, who is the real hero and who is the traitor?

Czechy, Słowacja
Viera Čakányová, Petr Hátle, Rozalie Kohoutová, Lukáš Kokeš, Radovan Síbrt , Klára Tasovská
Mariusz Szczygieł, Jan Gogola ml., Jana Hádková
Tomáš Daliman
Šimon Špidla
Patryk Cannon
Centrala, Nutprodukce, Czech Television, Bfilm, FAMU, Odra Film
Centrala, Czeska Telewizja, BFilm, FAMU, Odra Film

Viera Čakányová »

Graduated from VŠMU in Bratislava and from Documentary Film Studies in FAMU in Prague. Her films Piranha and Alda received awards during FAMUFEST (in 2007 and 2009) and were screened during many Czech and international film festivals.

Petr Hátle »

Born in 1983 in Prague. After studying History and Theory of Film and Philosohphy at Charles University Prague, he became a student of the Documentary Film Department of FAMU Prague. During his studies he directed many short movies about various topics, usually related to human rights and social issues, screened both at Czech and European festivals. He was studying and working for two years in Istanbul with the support of the European Union Fund. His debut the Great Night won the Best Czech Documentary Award at the International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava.

Rozalie Kohoutová »

Graduated from Romanistics at Charles University Prague and from Documentary Film Studies in FAMU Prague. Her films O Topanki and Velmistr received awards during FAMUFEST and her film Roma Boys received the grand prix at Fresh Film Festival 2010.

Lukáš Kokeš »

Winner of Václav Táborského award at Pilzen festival 2010 and two years later he received an award at International Documentary Film Festival in Jihlava, as well as audience award at FAMUFEST 2008. He currently studiest Documenrary Film at FAMU.

Radovan Síbrt »

Born in 1975. Graduated from the Faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Philosophy and Arts at Charles University, Prague, as well as from the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Co-founder of Pink Productions, director and producer of commercials, music videos and films. He worked on short independent documentaries (MRG) and fiction films (Domestic Violence, Bambino di Praga) and cooperated with Czech TV. In 2012 his directorial debut was the feature documentary The Prison of Art (premiered at the Jihlava IDFF). He also directed the documentary On Decency and produced short films Enkel and Das Wandernde Sterlein by Mark Ther and the documentary film Byeway by Ivo Bystřičan.

Klára Tasovská »

Graduated from New Media studies at AVU (Prague Art School) and is currently a student at FAMU Documentary Studies. For her film Půlnoc (North) she was nominated for the Czech Lion award in the Best Graduate Film.