Peter O’Neill

Professor at Rhode Island School of Design, director of documentary films, cinematographer. Selected filmography: 1979 - FINAL MARKS: THE ART OF THE CARVED LETTER, co-direction (with  with Frank Muhly), cinematography; 1982 - THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE, co-direction (with  Ralph Rugoff), cinematography; 1986 - HERE WE LIVE AGAIN, co-direction (with  Mike Fink), cinematography; 1988 - TREE OF IRON, co-direction (with  Peter Schmidt), cinematography; 1990 – SAUDADE, co-direction (with   Bela Feldman Bianco), cinematography; 1993 - SAMUEL YELLIN’S LEGACY, chief director, cinematography; 1994 - A JAMES BARNHILL PORTRAIT, co-direction (with  Marcin Giżycki), cinematography; 1997 - THE MAKING OF HAND-E-OVER, co-direction (with  Marcin Giżycki), cinematography; UNORTODOX GEOMETRY: URSULA VON RYDINGSVARD, SCULPTURE SINCE 1990, co-direction (with  Marcin Giżycki), cinematography; 1999-2003 – ArtContext (series of 4 films), direction, cinematography; 2011 - BETTER PLACES, co-direction (with  Louisa Schein), cinematography; A MAGIC-LANTERN LIFE: A STORY OF THE AMERICAN MAGIC LANTERN THEATER, co-direction (with  Marcin Giżycki), co-cinematography.