Nathalie Rossetti

Nathalie Rossetti after studies at the DAMS (University of Bologna) and Orazio Costa theater school in Florence, starting from 1991 year she worked in the audiovisual sector as a writer, documentary filmmaker, music assistant for films and assistant director for directors and producers in Italy and Belgium. Apart from writing screenplays for short movies, she has worked as co-author of four fiction movies among others “Le Main Rouge’ directed by Yvan Le Moin, awarded with Quinzaine des Réalisateurs at the Cannes festival in 1998. Author of the documentary Oltre il ring [Beyond the ring] (56’), 2005, awarded with Honorable Mention, FICTS in Milano. Starting from 2000, together with her husband Turi Finocchiaro, they realize and produce their own documentaries related to art, anthropology and justice.